Haven't Tried Japanese Green Tea? Try It Today for Its Amazing Health Benefits and Complex Taste

Japanese green tea is a drink that people have consumed for over a millennium because if its health benefits and complex taste.

The world is swooning over the vibrant green colours of matcha tea.

People all over are raving about its benefits and healthy facts. It's no more just a fad; it's now a phenomenon that's taking the global community by storm.

Satvaa (Unlock Health), Sip Healthy, Stay Healthy

Satvaa- The word Satvaa was coined from Sanskrit word Satva which means best Guna (property) of the body, a guna emphasised in our vedic text to maintain balance between Soul,Body and Mind.

Cold brew and RTD coffee made easy

One of the fastest growing beverage segments around the world today is that of Ready To Drink (RTD) and Cold Brew coffees.Retail stores and beverage manufacturers are riding a wave that has global category growth at 6% with spikes of greater than 20% growth in particular countries.