Satvaa (Unlock Health), Sip Healthy, Stay Healthy

Satvaa- The word Satvaa was coined from Sanskrit word Satva which means best Guna (property) of the body, a guna emphasised in our vedic text to maintain balance between Soul,Body and Mind.

This Satvaa company is formed by a Ayurvedic consultants whose vision is to promote Indian Herbal Tea globally. A combination of selected herbs and carefully picked flavours of green tea blended to make a perfect Green tea cup to kickstart your morning.

Our green Tea are enriched with herbs which boosts the metabolism of the body, delays ageing, improves digestion and reduces mental stress.

Our Teas have been extensively researched and tried before launching in the market

Anti diabetic Blueberry Green Tea- A green tea blended with blueberries, Indian black Plum, Methi, Guduchi (Bitter tonic). They help to boosts pancreas to enhance insulin production thus maintaining the blood sugar levels.

Stress Buster Rose Green Tea- Enriched with herbs like Jatamansi, Bhramhi, Shankhpushpi, dried Rose to reduces stress symptoms like anxiety, nervousness, and maintains blood pressure as well.

Skin-Detox Peach Green Tea- A unique peach flavour tea which reduces oiliness, ageing signs and purifies blood to reduce acne and skin problems.

Immunity booster Pomegranate Green Tea- Pomegranate green tea blended with ashwagandha, jeevanti, bala herbs which enhance the immune system of the body to fight against the infections.

Orthocare Orange Green Tea- Unique Green Tea with anti arthritis and anti spondylitis properties which reduces joint pain associated with arthritis and spondylitis. This unique tea is made of orange peels dried form, rasna, dried ginger powder and dashmool extracts which keeps joints healthy.

The USP of these products are the efficacy, flavours and rich aroma. Each flavours is carefully crafted to enhance the efficacy of green tea.

We carefully craft and formulate the Teas as per buyers choice.