The world is swooning over the vibrant green colours of matcha tea.

The world is swooning over the vibrant green colours of matcha tea. People all over are raving about its benefits and healthy facts. It's no more just a fad; it's now a phenomenon that's taking the global community by storm.

And here you are lost and wondering what this hullabaloo is all about. You might have heard of matcha but have no idea what it means or where it comes from! Worry no more. Here's your quick guide to the world of matcha and why you're missing out on something big if you haven't tried it yet.

Matcha, for the uninitiated, is a variant of green tea that comes from Matcha tea leaves. These plants are usually covered to prevent direct exposure to sunlight and this result in an increase in chlorophyll levels. Now you know the secret behind that deep, soothing green colour. Unlike most teas, with matcha, you're not drinking a tea-infused water-based concoction; you're actually consuming tea leaves in a powdered form.

Although you might think of this as a new trend, in Japan the green tea ritual has been renowned for almost 800 years now. It can be attributed to Zen Buddhist priests whose monastic codes also describe the ritual of making tea. They found that the tea brought them a feeling of well-being.

The traditional preparation involves dissolving the powdery matcha in hot water with a small bamboo whisk until frothy.

The tea can be bitter, so Japanese tea ceremonies usually include a small sweet to be eaten before drinking the tea. The ceremony in itself is very calming to watch. Matcha is also being used in many dishes from ice cream and brownies, to lattes and smoothies simply for its unique flavour. However, to reap the full health benefits, it is recommended in its traditional form of tea.

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